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Gardens of Marrakech

Exoticism & Poetry

…. Marrakech is a Garden City. Many Gardens of marrakech are accessible for tourists willing to enjoy Palm Trees and Olive Trees plantations, but not only… You might be surprised by all the diversity of Plants. Also new Gardens are regularly created.

Gardens of marrakech all have their own style and soul, and everyone can feel a different atmosphere in each of them. Tropical, Shaded, with Fruit Trees, Cactus… There’s something for all tastes. Walking through each of them is a Poetic Stroll.

Marrakech, with its 340 days of sunshine a year, owns a climate for vegetation. “But water?” you’ll tell me…  It is important to know that the waters of the Atlas Mountains flow naturally towards the Marrakech plateau, above and below ground, which makes the Marrakech area an ideal site for planting and agriculture, even if many hydraulic installations are necessary and the impact on the environment is now a serious subject.

Majorelle garden

Majorelle Garden in Marrakech is one of the most famous in the city due to the celebrity of its 2 successive owners. In 1923 Jacques Majorelle bought a field near the Palmeraie of Marrakech where he built an imposing mansion, Villa Bou Saf Saf. Will also be built a Berber style tower, visible at the back of the garden.

It is in 1931 that Majorelle acquired adjoining land and built his studio in the style of a Cubist villa, which he painted in blue, and around which he created an exotic garden of impressionist style. This is the most famous gardens in Marrakech. The painter Jacques Majorelle, son of the famous Art Nouveau artist Louis Majorelle Nancy, invents himself the famous Blue Majorelle color in 1937, intense and clear, which is found throughout the garden that brings together a collection of plants brought from all corners world: Cactus, yucca, lilies, bamboo … thrive alongside pools and elegant Art Deco villa.

In 1947, the maintenance costs of the garden forced Majorelle to open the garden to the public. His divorce in 1956 will force him to sell part of the property. But a serious car accident in 1955 will force him to sell all of its shares. This is after a second accident that he died in Paris a few years later in 1962.


gardens of marrakech

In 1980, Yves Saint Laurent and Pierre Berge bought the Majorelle Garden that was bound to a hotel project.

The Villa of the artist, then renamed Villa Oasis is occupied by Yves Saint Laurent, who goes there regularly. Much work is undertaken and automatic irrigation is installed. The ashes of YSL, who died in 2008, are spread in the rose garden of the villa oasis and a funeral memorial installed in the Garden. Villa Oasis and the Majorelle Garden have been sold since to the Pierre Bergé-YSL Paris Foundation.

The only inconvenience of majorelle garden is that it is now crowded due to its popularity with 700.000 visitors a year. Our Tip: Go there early in the morning, for opening. For practical details, please visit the official site of Jardin Majorelle

Menara garden

Similarly, you can reach the garden of Menara, one of the symbolic places in the tour of Marrakech. This elegant building gardens of marrakech, recognizable by its green tiles, is bathed in a huge basin for water tank to irrigate cultures. The basin is supplied with water by a hydraulic 700 year old system bringing water from the Atlas Mountains until Marrakech. This is where Marrakchis come with their family looking for little freshness during the hottest days of the year, in the shade of cwntury old olive trees.

gardens of marrakech

Agdal Gardens

Less known, the Agdal gardens of marrakech are the same type as those of the Menara, with two tanks that were used to store rainwater, the largest that is called Es Sala, and was used to train troops to swimming to cross the Strait of Gibraltar. Designed in the 12th century, this garden is the oldest of Marrakech and has more varied vegetation than the Menara garden with olive, pomegranate and orange trees and numerous fish and carp. It is only open on Fridays and Sundays.

gardens of marrakech

Cyber ​​Park

The Cyber ​​Park is a garden in the city center, between the Medina and Gueliz, situated opposite the arts center. Access is free. The eight hectares park dates from the 18th century and includes many species of trees such as banana trees, palms, eucalyptus, and orange trees. This is the place to find coolness during hot summer days. Entrance FREE, just opposite Artisanal Craft Complex, on Mohamed 5 avenue

gardens of marrakech

Jnane Harti Garden

The garden Jnane Harti, which dates from 1930 and is located between Gueliz and Hivernage, close to the Central Post Office, is an intimate garden, a little bit unfamiliar tourists. After a decay period, Marrakech Garden is redeveloped in 2002. Cactus are numerous and entry is free.

Koutoubia Garden

The Koutoubia Garden, located just behind the mosque of the same name, which connects the square to the famous luxury hotel in Marrakech La Mamounia, is planted with rose bushes and orange trees. The Marrakech library is located nearby garden and tourist office of Marrakech, on the other side of the street. The residence of the French Consul in Marrakech is also visible, behind the Koutoubia Mosque.

gardens of marrakech

Other Gardens exist…Also less famous, They are nevertheless very pleasant and with less frequenting gardens of marrakech.

Ba Hmad Bahia Palace Garden

The ancient but very interesting Ba Hnad Garden has just been renovated and replanted. You will find this new Ba Aghmed (or Ba Hmad) Garden just 200 metres from the Riad Al Ksar. Planted with fig, olive and palm trees, it also contains a large water reservoir (in renovation stage now) in its centre. This garden was, at the time, part of the Bahia Palace domain and supplied it with vegetables and fruits


gardens of marrakech

Jardin des Arts

Jardin des Arts in Guéliz, a small square along Avenue Mohamed 5, is also accessible free of charge. It was renovated for COP22 in 2016. We recommend it in the evening because of its Led lights

gardens of marrakech

Anima Garden – Jardin Secret – Jardin Rouge Fondation Montresso

The Anima Garden, km25 on Ourika Road, the Jardin Secret, in the Médina, Le Paradis du Safran, 31km from Marrakech, or the artist residence Fondation Montresso Jardin Rouge, at the Palmeral (access by reservation) are also pleasant places to go green.


gardens of marrakech

Garden Jardin Rouge of the Montresso Foundation artist’s residence, at the Palmeraie de Marrakech.

Rooftop Garden

You can also enjoy the Snack Bar Restaurant on theTerrace Rooftop Garden at Riad Al Ksar, in the medina, with panoramic views of the Atlas Mountains and the Koutoubia Mosque. Our olive trees, lemon trees, orange trees, bamboos, bougainvillea, hibiscus are used as playground for birds.

Panoramic Terrace Rooftop Garden Riad Al Ksar & Spa

Arboreal terrace of Riad Al Ksar with Bar Snack Restaurant Cours de Cuisne Marocaine in Marrakech, outdoor and private.

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